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Are You Born Again?

Is being “Born Again” all about accepting  Jesus as “PERSONAL LORD AND  


Definitely NO. Jesus himself said that being “born again” means being born of Water and  Spirit. There is nowhere in the Bible that  Jesus nor His disciples have taught about  “accepting Jesus as your PERSONAL LORD  AND SAVIOR”. That teaching is UNBIBLICAL  and purely PROTESTANT TRADITION. 

What does it mean to be BORN AGAIN? 

Being “born again” is all about being  BAPTIZED in Christ’s ONE TRUE CHURCH,  His Body. Every time that the Apostles teach in  the beginning of Christianity, they always tell  the people that, one must be “baptized for the  remission of sins” (Acts 2:38) to be saved.  

How many “CHURCHES” should there be? “There is ONE BODY and one Spirit, just  as you were called to the one hope of your call ing, one Lord, ONE FAITH, one baptism”  (Eph. 4:4-5 NRSVCE) 

Paul emphasized that there is only ONE  BODY which is THE CHURCH of Jesus Christ  (Romans 12:5,1 Corinthians 12:12–27, Ephesians  3:6 and 5:23, Colossians 1:18 and Colossians  1:24 ) And that ONE BODY is the ONE CHURCH  that stood up since the time of Christ until now.  Not some random “church” founded by people  who just read the bible at home. 

WHICH CHURCH IS THE TRUE CHURCH? Let us check what history says: 

“The Roman Catholic Church traces its history to  Jesus Christ and the Apostles. Over the course of  centuries it developed a highly sophisticated theolo gy and an elaborate organizational structure headed  by the papacy, the oldest continuing absolute monar chy in the world.” 

– Britannica Encyclopedia 

“Roman Catholic Church – For the first thousand  years after the death of Jesus Christ, all  Christians were members of one religion.  There were no separate sects or branches of Christi anity as there are today. The word Catholic means  universal, all Christians for the first thousand  years were members of the Catholic Church.” 

 – Young Student’s Encyclopedia 

The History of the Roman Catholic Church  began in an upper room in Jerusalem almost  2000 years ago. About 120 persons gathered  there. They were followers of Jesus Christ and they  were awaiting in the Coming of the Holy Spirit. The  Church may be described as the Society founded by  Jesus Christ.” 


Is your “church” proven historically? Or is it  only founded by random people in the 1800’s  to 2000’s and just named it after Jesus’  Name? DO NOT BE DECEIVED! ASK YOUR PASTOR OF YOUR HISTORY!